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Poster title Time-Resolved X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging of Continuous Anti-Solvent Crystallisation
Poster code P 3.21
  1. Gunjan Das School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds Presenter
  2. Anuradha Pallipurath University of Leeds
  3. Thokozile A. Kathyola University of Leeds
  4. Joanna Leng University of Leeds
  5. Shashidhara Marathe Diamond Light Source
  6. Christoph Rau Diamond Light Source
  7. John McGinty University of Strathclyde/ CMAC
  8. Russell Miller University of Strathclyde
  9. Jan Sefcik University of Strathclyde
  10. Sven Schroeder University of Leeds
Form of presentation Poster
  • 3. Fundamentals of Crystallization