21st International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization
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Dr. Alain Collas
Janssen Research & Development Belgium
  • Presentation Towards a rigorous representation of API crystallization kinetics for enabling advanced analysis and comparison Author
    Date: 31.08.2021 , Time: 08:00 | Topic: 3. Fundamentals of Crystallization
  • Presentation Design, development and scale-up of a skid-based selective dissolution apparatus using liquid cyclonic classifiers and heat exchangers for tailoring crystalline product attributes and crystallization process intensification Speaker
    Date: 31.08.2021 , Time: 09:10 | Topic: Industrial Applications I
  • Presentation Streamlining an Early Phase Crystallisation Development using In-Silico Predictive Modelling and Raman Spectroscopy Author
    Date: 01.09.2021 , Time: 09:30 | Topic: Modeling