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Poster title LC-MS based semi-polar metabolite profiling of different Hydrangea macrophylla ssp. serrata cultivars with particular attention to phenyldihydroisocoumarins
Poster code P5.01
  1. Johannes Wellmann TU Braunschweig Presenter
  2. Conny Tränkner FH Erfurt
  3. Nicolas Dostert botconsult
  4. Bastian Zirpel Symrise AG
  5. Esther Corinna Schwarze Symrise AG
  6. Melanie Stürtz Symrise AG
  7. Silke Hillebrand Symrise AG
  8. Jakob Ley Symrise AG
  9. Peter Winterhalter TU Braunschweig
Form of presentation Poster
  • NP discovery and characterization