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Poster title Molecular targets of three plants of the Polynesian cosmetopoeia in dermal papilla cells: Bioactivity-based molecular network approach
Poster code P3.01
  1. Kristelle Hughes University of French Polynesia Presenter
  2. Raimana Ho University of French Polynesia
  3. Stéphane Greff IMBE CNRS IRD, AMU-AU
  4. Gaëtan Herbette AMU, CNRS, Centrale Marseille, FSCM, Spectropole
  5. Claire Chazaud GReD Institute, UCA, CNRS, INSERM
  6. Edith Filaire Greentech
  7. Edwige Ranouille Greentech
  8. Jean-Yves Berthon Greentech
  9. Phila Raharivelomanana EIO, UMR 241, UPF
Form of presentation Poster
  • Targets and MoA / chemical biology