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Poster title Applications of a fully sensor-equipped 3D-printed micro bubble column reactor in biopharmaceutics and biocatalysis
Poster code P-33
  1. Gábor Schultz TU Braunschweig Presenter
  2. Lasse J. Frey TU Braunschweig
  3. David Vorländer TU Braunschweig
  4. Detlev Rasch TU Braunschweig
  5. Gregor D. Wehinger TU Clausthal
  6. Torsten Mayr TU Graz
  7. Janina Bahnemann Leibniz Universität Hannover
  8. Rainer Krull TU Braunschweig
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  • 5. Multiphase reaction, catalytic reaction engineering and bioreactors