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Poster title Analyzing cytotoxicity over time in a 2D and 3D colorectal cancer model using SYNENTEC’s automated high content imaging system
Poster code P43
  1. Wiebe Schaefer SYNENTEC GmbH at UKSH Presenter
  2. Nina Hedemann Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
  3. Anna Willms SYNENTEC GmbH
  4. Ben Werdelmann SYNENTEC GmbH
  5. Martin Stoehr SYNENTEC GmbH
  6. Susanne Sebens CAU + UKSH
  7. Reinhild Geisen SYNENTEC GmbH
  8. Matthias Pirsch SYNENTEC GmbH
Form of presentation Poster
  • 5. Enabling technologies for standardisation and scalability