6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials
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Wouter Post
Delft University of Technology Netherlands
  • Presentation Delamination healing in GFRP interlayers by localized induction heating Author
    Date: 26.06.2017 , Time: 08:40 | Topic:
  • Presentation Low temperature healing of bending, Mode I and impact-induced damage of a disulphide containing polymer - glass fibre reinforced composite Speaker
    Date: 26.06.2017 , Time: 10:30 | Topic: 1 Application of self-healing materials
  • Presentation Detection of delamination healing of a thermoplastic ionomer interlayer in a model CFRP composite by advanced ultrasonic techniques Author
    Date: 27.06.2017 , Time: 09:20 | Topic: 4 Characterisation and modelling