ACHEMA Congress 2018
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Dr. Mehrdad Ebrahimi
University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen Germany
  • Presentation Use of a Aspergillus terreus fructosyltransferase expressed within Kluyveromyces lactis for the production of short-chain fructooligosaccharides Author
    Date: 12.06.2018 , Time: 11:30 | Topic: Biotech for chemistry
  • Presentation Ceramic hollow fiber membranes for the efficient separation of water contained in diesel fuel Speaker
    Date: 13.06.2018 , Time: 17:00 | Topic: Membranes and membrane processes
  • Presentation Characterization of ceramic membranes for efficient recovery of lignosulfonates from spent sulfite liquor Author
    Date: 14.06.2018 , Time: 16:30 | Topic: Industrial water management
  • Presentation Ceramic membranes for separation of chemically degraded lignosulfonates from valuable products Author
    Date: 14.06.2018 , Time: 17:00 | Topic: Industrial water management