ACHEMA Congress 2018
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Dr. Steffen Zobel-Roos
TU Clausthal Germany
  • Presentation Determination of process parameters for the integrated Counter Current Chromatography (iCCC) Author
    Date: 12.06.2018 , Time: 16:00 | Topic: Pharmaceutical technology
  • Session Mixing and separation technology - Chromatography Chair
    Date: 12.06.2018 , Time: 15:00 | Topic: Mixing and separation technology
  • Presentation Continuous biomanufacturing - Platform alternatives for scFv and mAb Speaker
    Date: 13.06.2018 , Time: 15:20 | Topic: PRAXISforum: Bioprocessing: Speed, flexibility, disposables
  • Presentation Inline Concentration Measurement (ICM) as a versatile tool for chromatography operation – why DAD is misleading and why DAD is the general problem solver for QbD and PAT methods Speaker
    Date: 15.06.2018 , Time: 11:30 | Topic: Process analytical technology