52. Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker
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Dr. Ekaterina Borovinskaya
Technische Universität Dresden Germany
  • Presentation Combined effects of nickel and Si/Al ratio on the dimerization of n-butenes over Ni-modified Al-MCM-41/ZSM-5 catalyst systems Author
    Date: 13.03.2019 , Time: 12:30 | Topic:
  • Presentation Identification of surface species on modified mixed oxide catalysts during CO₂/H₂ reaction Speaker
    Date: 13.03.2019 , Time: 18:51 | Topic:
  • Presentation Base-catalyzed transesterification of WCO in microreactors: Experiments and kinetic modelling Speaker
    Date: 14.03.2019 , Time: 08:45 | Topic: