12th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse
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Dr. Adam Olivieri
EOA, INC. United States
  • Presentation Potable Water Reuse in Califorina – Update on Recent Developments, Regulations and Research Topics (USA) Speaker
    Date: 16.06.2019 , Time: 16:40 | Topic: 1.07 Direct potable reuse
  • Presentation Potable Reuse and Public Health: QMRA from The DPR Demonstration Project Author
    Date: 17.06.2019 , Time: 09:50 | Topic: 1.07 Direct potable reuse
  • Session New treatment concepts for potable reuse Chair
    Date: 18.06.2019 , Time: 13:40 | Topic: 1.06 Potable reuse (surface water augmentation and groundwater recharge)