12th International Particle Toxicology Conference
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Prof. Dr. Martin Wiemann
IBE R&D Institute for Lung Health gGmbH Germany
  • Presentation Formation of the Protein Corona in the Rat Lung Studied with Paramagnetic SiO2 Nanoparticles Speaker
    Date: 13.09.2019 , Time: 08:57 | Topic:
  • Presentation Quantitative Elemental Bioimaging of Silver Nanoparticles in the Rat Lung Speaker
    Date: 13.09.2019 , Time: 09:00 | Topic:
  • Presentation Investigation of gold nanoparticle distribution in spleen tissue by means of LA-ICP-MS and LA-sp-ICP-MS Speaker
    Date: 13.09.2019 , Time: 09:03 | Topic: