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Poster title Fenton based advanced oxidation processes for organics removal in reverse osmosis concentrate
Poster code P 3.09
  1. Mengyuan Wu NUS
  2. Qinqing Cai NUS
  3. BCY Lee NUS
  4. Say-Leong Ong National University of Singapore
  5. Jiangyong Hu National University of Singapore Presenter
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  • 3. Solving water reuse bottlenecks
    • 3.03 Innovative treatment technologies and applications
Abstract text Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) have been demonstrated as promising technologies for organics removal and biodegradability enhancement in Reverse Osmosis Concentrate (ROC). In the present study, both classic Fenton based AOP and fluidized bed reactor (FBR) Fenton processes were adopted. Process optimizations of the two Fenton processes were conducted with batch and continuous flow studies.