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Poster title Reuse of treated wastewater in industrial symbiosis
Poster code P 1.08
  1. Kerstin Hoyer VA SYD Presenter
Form of presentation Poster
  • 1. Implementing safe, innovative & cost-effective water reuse solutions
    • 1.02 Industrial reuse
Abstract text Reuse of wastewater has long been discussed in the world. Lately, also in Sweden, a country with generally good water supply, reoccurring dry summers and local challenges of water supply have put the topic on the agenda.
Techniques to treat wastewater for reuse in different applications have been studied in general. In order to implement reuse of treated wastewater in industry and agriculture (for irrigation purposes), besides technical surveys and studies, business concepts based on the local conditions at different wastewater treatment plants are needed. In this project, eight municipal water and wastewater organizations in Sweden corporate to study which applications for wastewater reuse are interesting for industry and agriculture in connection to the participating wastewater treatment plants. This approach gives a better understanding of the potential for treated wastewater for different applications, mostly in symbioses between water and wastewater organizations and industry or agriculture. Interesting applications for industrial reuse of wastewater are identified and studied further. The focus on industrial symbiosis between the wastewater treatment plants and industry and agriculture leads to results which can be implemented in connection to wastewater treatment plants within the near future.
The project covers a compilation of the potential for reuse of treated wastewater in industry and agriculture, identification of treatment processes needed for the identified applications focusing on the integration in the wastewater treatment plants as well as an economic analysis. The results will be presented at the conference.