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Poster title Drip irrigation biofouling with treated wastewater: Influence of hydrodynamic conditions on microbial communities and pathogen persistence
Poster code P 2.04
  1. Kévin Lequette University of Montpellier
  2. Nassim Ait Mouheb IRSTEA - UMR G-EAU Presenter
  3. Nathalie Wéry LBE, Univ Montpellier, INRA
Form of presentation Poster
  • 2. Adopting water reuse
    • 2.05 Risk management
Abstract text Clogging of drip-irrigation systems supplied by with treated wastewater results in the association of chemical, physical and biological phenomenon and is closely related to the flow along the labyrinth channel of dripper. The effect of the hydraulic properties associated to several type of drippers on the biofilm development and on microbial composition of these biofilms has been studied.