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Poster title The influences of biological carriers on the performance of anammox process:comparison of GAC and PVA-gel beads
Poster code P 3.02
  1. Xinying Zhang Fuzhou University Presenter
  2. Zongren Li Fuzhou University
  3. Jian Zhang Fujian Provincial Academy of Environmental Science
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  • 3. Solving water reuse bottlenecks
    • 3.01 Extending the limits of traditional treatments
Abstract text Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) is considered to be an efficient, cost-effective and environment friendly ammonium removal process. However, the extremely slow growth rates of anammox bacteria, long doubling time and harsh requirements for environmental factors, resulted in a great hindrance in the widespread application of the anammox process. In recent years, researchers have paid more attention to promoting the start-up of anammox reactor by adding biological carriers. In this study, Granular activated carbon (GAC) and PVA-gel beads as these two types biological carriers were used in anammox reactors. There are three main research aspects as follows: (1) the effects of these two types of biological carriers on the nitrogen removal performance and start-up of anammox were compared; (2) comparison on the effects of adding two types of biological carriers on microbial immobilization and microbial activity in anammox system; (3) comparison of microbial population succession in anammox systems with two types of biological carriers added. Therefore, this study can provide a theoretical basis for the selection of anammox biological carriers.