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Poster title Supporting water reuse by innovative materials - BMBF Funding Measure “Materials for a sustainable water management (MachWas)”
Poster code P 3.18
  1. Sabrina Giebner DECHEMA e.V. Presenter
  2. Katja Wendler DECHEMA e.V.
  3. Thomas Track DECHEMA e.V.
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  • 3. Solving water reuse bottlenecks
    • 3.03 Innovative treatment technologies and applications
Abstract text The funding measure “Materials for a sustainable water management – MachWas” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports the research and development of materials for a sustainable water management.
Water is the most important resource for humans, nature and economy and cannot be produced or replaced by other resources. Therefore, it must be sustainably protected and managed for future generations. Primary fields of action to achieve this are the development of efficient wastewater technologies, the closing of material and water cycles, the reduction of water consumption, the elimination of anthropogenic pollutants and the better use of wastewater as a resource. Water reclamation and reuse is one of the most important water-saving strategies.
The research and development projects of the BMBF funding measure “MachWas” are to contribute to minimizing water consumption and maximising water availability by means of innovations and to provide effective impulses for sustainable management of water resources through new materials for water treatment and extraction technologies. The funding measure includes 13 collaborative projects involving 75 project partners in four thematic fields addressing a broad spectrum of materials: "Materials for membrane processes", "Materials for oxidative and reductive processes", "Adsorption materials" and "Materials for further applications in water technology".
The accompanying network and transfer project “MachWasPlus” is the central contact point for the funding measure “MachWas” and supports the dialogue among the projects and beyond.