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Poster title Reclaimed Water Development and Opportunity in Taiwan
Poster code P 1.40
  1. Hsin-Tzu Tai Taiwan Water Environmental Association Presenter
  2. KUANG-CHIH CHANG Water Resources Agency, MOEA
  3. QIN-HAN ZHENG Water Resources Agency, MOEA
  4. Te-Yuan CHEN Water Resources Agency, MOEA
  5. Ya-Fen WANG Chung Yuan Christian University
  6. Sheng-Jie YOU Chung Yuan Christian University
Form of presentation Poster
  • 1. Implementing safe, innovative & cost-effective water reuse solutions
    • 1.09 Reuse in developing countries
Abstract text Due to the climate change impacts, it definitely raises the stress of water supply in the urban region. Facing these challenges, the Taiwan Water Resource Agency has proposed a series of strategies to manage the water resource to strengthen the infrastructure of Taiwan and ensure the implementation for the corresponding sustainable development goals (SDGs).