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Poster title The influence of an extra aeration pipe in a sand filter performance as anaerobic post-treatment system
Poster code P 1.28
  1. Daniel Augusto Camargo Bueno University of Campinas
  2. Bianca Graziela Gomes University of Campinas
  3. Raúl Lima Coasaca University of Campinas
  4. Lays Paulino Leonel University of Campinas
  5. Adriano Luiz Tonetti University of Campinas Presenter
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  • 1. Implementing safe, innovative & cost-effective water reuse solutions
    • 1.05 Small-scale/decentralized systems
Abstract text This work investigated the influence of the installation of a subsurface aeration pipe on Intermittent Sand Filters (ISF) efficiency to treat anaerobic systems effluent. At low subsurface application rate, the ISF with an extra pipe showed greater aeration and better nitrification that was statistically proven by Kruskal-Wallis but no improvements were found in organic matter removal.