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Poster title Ciprofloxacin (CIP) degradation and CIP resistant E.faecium inactivation by UV-LED/chlorine process
Poster code P 3.28
  1. Tae-Kyoung Kim Seoul National University
  2. KYUNG-DUK ZOH Seoul National University Presenter
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  • 3. Solving water reuse bottlenecks
    • 3.03 Innovative treatment technologies and applications
Abstract text In this study, we examined (1) the degradation kinetics of Ciprofloxacin (CIUP); (2) effect of initial chlorine dosage; (3) effect of initial pH and radical contribution on CIP removal; (4) possible degradation pathway of CIP; (5) toxicity estimation; (6) disinfection of CIP-resistant E. faecium; and (6) economic feasibility through the electrical energy consumption during UV-LED/Chlorine process.