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Poster title Characterization of Microbial Community Structure on Biofilm in Forward Osmosis Membrane
Poster code P 1.25
  1. Am Jang Sungkyunkwan University Presenter
  2. Sung Ju Im Sungkyunkwan University
  3. Sang-Hun OH Sungkyunkwan Univ. (SKKU)
  4. Sanghyun Jeong Sungkyunkwan University
Form of presentation Poster
  • 1. Implementing safe, innovative & cost-effective water reuse solutions
    • 1.08 Integrated reuse systems (industrial, urban, rural)
Abstract text Our research team characterization of microbial communities on fouled FO membrane when applied wastewater as feed solution by using the next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis. This study can provide useful deep knowledge on biofouling mechanism of FO process and possible insight for basic control strategies of micro-organism sight.