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Poster title Water and Energy Nexus in Agricultural Water Supply for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach
Poster code P 3.35
  1. Eunhee Choi Korea Rural Community Corporation Presenter
  2. Seungheon Lee Korea Rural Community Corporation
  3. Seungoh Hur National Institute of Agricultural Science, RDA
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  • 3. Solving water reuse bottlenecks
    • 3.05 Water, food, and energy nexus in reuse
Abstract text System dynamics for Nexus built at SNAK(Smart Nexus for Agriculture in Korea) is composed of simulated resource usage; food production, water resource, energy supply, carbon emission. In this study, the parameter required for platform construction were collected and verified by 3 type of agricultural irrigation water. The database was used to construction the system synamics model.