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Poster title Wastewater reuse in a potato factory: from pilot studies to full scale reuse plant
Poster code P 1.18
  1. Sven Lübbecke Evides Industriewater Deutschland GmbH Presenter
  2. David Dr. Moed Evides Industriewater B.V.
  3. Eva Koper Evides Industriewater B.V.
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  • 1. Implementing safe, innovative & cost-effective water reuse solutions
    • 1.02 Industrial reuse
Abstract text Implementation of a water reuse plant for the effluent of the WWTP of a potato factory in order to reduce its water footprint by 50%. On basis of pilot studies with UF and RO the full scale plant was designed, is under construction and will go into operation in the end of 2019. The overall recovery of the reuse plant is 78 % with a production of 56,3 m3/h (493.000 m3/y) process water.