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Poster title Toxicokinetic study on Silver nanoparticle after subacute inhalation exposure and post-exposure observation period
Poster code P 16.02
  1. Il Je Yu HCTm Presenter
  2. Mi Sung Jo HCTm
  3. Jin Kwon Kim Hoseo University
  4. Younghun Kim HCTm
  5. Hoi Pin Kim Hoseo University
  6. Seung Min Oh Hoseo University
  7. Hee Ram Eun Hanyang University
  8. Hee Sang Kim HCTm
  9. Kangho Ahn Hanyang University
  10. Ji Hyun Lee University of Washington
  11. Elain Fasutman University of Washington
  12. Mary Gulumian National Institute for Occupational Health
  13. Bruce Kelman Veritox
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