EuroPACT 2020
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Dr. Noémie Caillol
Axel'one France
  • Presentation Near-infrared Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (NIR-SRS) for on-line monitoring and viscosity prediction during the peptization of boehmite suspensions Speaker
    Date: 17.05.2020 , Time: 11:00 | Topic:
  • Presentation ATR-InfraRed Spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of a batch hydrogenation reaction for process control and by-product detection. Speaker
    Date: 18.05.2020 , Time: 11:30 | Topic:
  • Presentation Supervised and unsupervised online monitoring of emulsion polymerization by spectroscopy Author
    Date: 18.05.2020 , Time: 16:30 | Topic: