13th ECCE and 6th ECAB
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Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Commenge
Université de Lorraine, CNRS France
  • Presentation Experimental analysis and dynamic modeling of flow oscillations in a vertical millichannel water vaporizer Speaker
    Date: 22.09.2021 , Time: 14:40 | Topic: Modelling Measurement & Process Control
  • Presentation Intensification study of the direct synthesis of Dimethyl ether from carbon dioxide CO2 and hydrogen H2: coupling between reaction, heat exchange and membrane separation Author
    Date: 23.09.2021 , Time: 09:55 | Topic: Engineering processes & products
  • Presentation Performance and efficiency analysis of an HT-PEM fuel cell based micro-CHP system with intensification of the steam methane reforming step by using a millistructured reactor Author
    Date: 23.09.2021 , Time: 10:15 | Topic: Engineering processes & products