13th ECCE and 6th ECAB
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Dr. Sebastian Maaß
SOPAT GmbH Germany
  • Presentation Many roads lead to Rome – or how to choose the right inline particle sizing system Speaker
    Date: 20.09.2021 , Time: 15:40 | Topic: Exhibitor Session
  • Presentation Detailed evaluation of real time, inline characterization of bubble size and shape distributions in highly concentrated dispersions Speaker
    Date: 22.09.2021 , Time: 11:35 | Topic: Engineering processes & products
  • Presentation Applicability of inline, real time measurements of particle size and shape in highly concentrated suspensions for chocolate production Speaker
    Date: 22.09.2021 , Time: 14:40 | Topic: Modelling Measurement & Process Control
  • Presentation Inline monitoring of intracellular lipid accumulation using indus-trial process microscopes Speaker
    Date: 23.09.2021 , Time: 11:25 | Topic: Engineering processes & products
  • Session Process analytics III Chair(s)
    Date: 23.09.2021 , Time: 13:30 | Topic: Engineering processes & products