13th ECCE and 6th ECAB
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Prof. Dr. Doris Segets
Universität Duisburg-Essen Germany
  • Presentation Stability analysis of binary colloidal dispersions of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles for selective agglomeration Author
    Date: 20.09.2021 , Time: 11:55 | Topic: Separation technologies/ downstream processing
  • Presentation Processing of functional nanomaterials for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells into hierarchically structured electrode layers Speaker
    Date: 20.09.2021 , Time: 11:35 | Topic: Energy: Generation and storage, energy and chemical engineering
  • Session Rheology Chair(s)
    Date: 21.09.2021 , Time: 09:30 | Topic: Engineering processes & products
  • Presentation Optimized Nanoparticle Synthesis in a Residence Time Reactor Author
    Date: 23.09.2021 , Time: 10:15 | Topic: Future Directions in Product Design and Engineering