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Poster title Explaining decisions of Graph Convolutional Neural Networks: patient-specific molecular subnetworks responsible for metastasis prediction in breast cancer
Poster code P 58
  1. Hryhorii Chereda University Medical Center Göttingen Presenter
  2. Annalen Bleckmann University Medical Center Münster
  3. Kerstin Menck University Medical Center Münster
  4. Júlia Perera-Bel Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) Barcelona
  5. Philip Stegmaier geneXplain GmbH
  6. Florian Auer University of Augsburg
  7. Frank Kramer University of Augsburg
  8. Andreas Leha University Medical Center Göttingen
  9. Tim Beißbarth University Medical Center Göttingen
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  • Bioinformatics