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Poster title Smarter surfaces to create cellular niches without artefacts
Poster code P3.3.06
  1. Tobias Mentzel BASF SE Presenter
  2. Alvin Kuriakose Thomas Chemovator GmbH
  3. Pegah Jabbari Lak Chemovator GmbH
  4. Veronique Schwartz Chemovator GmbH
  5. Jeremy Jon Sloan BASF SE
  6. Barbara Birk BASF SE
  7. Peter Hahn BASF SE
  8. Peter Stengel BASF SE
  9. Nadine Kaiser BASF SE
  10. Carina Oberfrank BASF SE
Form of presentation Poster
  • 3. Enabling technologies
    • 3.3 New devices for 3D cell culture