Update: Symposium postponed +++ New date in September +++ Further information will follow +++

Due to the current situation and our responsibility to contain the Sars-CoV-2 virus as quickly as possible, we had to decide to postpone our symposium.

The event will not take place in Aachen as planned. Rather, there will be a similar format in Brussels. The new date is planned for September 2020, if the situation will allow.

We will try to duplicate the initial program as good as possible, depending on the availability of the speakers and panelists. Therefore, have a look at the initial invitation and program below and follow us on Twitter (@Carbon4PUR, @CO2EXIDEproject) and LinkedIn (Carbon4PUR, CO2EXIDEproject) and subscribe to our newsletters (www.carbon4pur.eu, www.co2exide.eu) to stay up to date.

Carbon4PUR and CO2Exide invite you to discuss a potential circular value chain concept for polyurethanes +++ Focusing on CO2 as a raw material for sustainable chemistry +++ Dialogue between civil society, science and politics with industry +++ Covestro board member announced as guest +++

The days when CO2 was just a waste product of industry are long gone. State-of-the-art CCU technology is paving the way to a sustainable, oil-free future. Our aim is to reuse carbon from CO and CO2 as a raw material for sustainable epoxides and polyurethanes. New approaches are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of turning our linear throw-away society into a Circular Economy, in which ultimately all plastics are recycled.

These are the core elements of the Projects CO2Exide, Carbon4PUR and PUReSmart, which have already achieved significant results. The joint symposium "Sustainable Plastics - Joining CCU, Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers" offers the opportunity for detailed insights into the research projects.

Subsequent roundtable discussions will focus on the necessary regulations, social acceptance and green electricity as preconditions and enablers for carbon-neutral chemistry.

The symposium will end with a panel discussion with experts from industry, science and the European Commission, i.e.:

  • Sucheta Govil, CCO Covestro
  • Søren Bøwadt, European Comission
  • Walter Leitner, Director MPI-CEC and Professor RWTH Aachen University
  • Maximilian Fleischer, Chief Key Expert Siemens Energy and
  • Eric de Coninck, Low Impact Steelmaking Project Manager ArcelorMittal.

We warmly invite you to participate in this multifaceted symposium and the wide-ranging discussions.

Please click here to view the programme.

Editorial deadline for the participant list is 22th April 2020.

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